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Sourcing your school's eBooks is now so much simpler - OfficeMax brings your school and student's eBooks, from a range of education publishers, onto one digital platform.

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Virtual Classroom

Every class is assigned its own class cloud, into which their eBooks are loaded. During class, teachers can ensure that all students are focussed on the same content at the same time, mimicking a physical classroom.

Content Curation

Teachers can curate their own content (including text, video and images) and via the class cloud distribute their designated curriculum to students.

Collaborative Learning

Apart from the added audio, video, interactive tasks and built-in dictionaries, the great benefit of an eBook is that is a place of discussion, collaboration and social learning, both in and outside the classroom.

School IT Integration

With seamless integration to school student management systems, the cloud-based single sign-on (SSO) solution frees up valuable instructional time and relieves technical and administrative challenges.

Easy Parent Ordering

Single SignOn

Makes purchasing for parents simple, when they can shop for both their school list and eBooks from one website. Your purchases are available in OfficeMax eBooks and assigned to the cloud for that class.

OfficeMax eBooks allows you to sign in using one account, then access all the eBooks you've purchased through one platform.


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Whatever your need, whatever the subject or publication year, we can work with you to consolidate your textbook ordering needs. We then streamline deliveries to your school or students, in partnership with the industry’s best known and most trusted publishers.

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So if you would like to get a complete learning technology solution, take care of your school's eBooks needs and make life easier for parents, register your interest below:

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How does it work?

What Schools say

Every school is looking for ways to achieve better learning outcomes.
Increasing technology uptake is driving a re-evaluation of how schools deliver their lesson plans.

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Jenny Doe

Principal, School Name

Jenny Doe

Principal, School Name

OfficeMax eBooks powered by ReadCloud
OfficeMax eBooks powered by ReadCloud
More than 100,000 ebooks and textbooks from most of the world’s largest education publishers.

Publishers Network

Teacher Moderation

Teachers can facilitate discussion, guide and monitor student efforts whilst offering encouragement and feedback to students throughout their learning journey.

One platform for school eBooks.


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